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About Stub Avenue

With over twenty five (25) years of event organizing, we at Stub Avenue believes that event creation and attending an event work hand in hand. We have created events from the ground up and such know what it takes to have a successful event and keep the event interesting to ensure patrons keep attending year after year. We believe to keep a brand successful there are numerous factors to consider and this is why we created Stub Avenue.

Stub Avenue is an event ticketing solution that allows the organizer full autonomy of their events. From creating, sharing, advertising, selling tickets and effective event reports. The organizer can create e-tickets as well as purchase various levels of custom secured physical tickets that can also be scanned by your own mobile device.

Users can also get into the act by searching and purchasing e-tickets for events with their mobile devices. Stub Avenue believes in empowering the patron and organizer by the use of evolving tools to attain the ideal event experience.

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